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Xavier is the former king of the Other Side of the Creek, a kid society that was in many ways parallel to the Creek. As the Other Side's king, Xavier ruled with absolute power, dictating the daily lives of his subjects, the Other Side Kids. Through his class system, he restricted to his friends and rewarded those who obeyed his will while punishing dissenters with violence or being sent to the Maze. He was overthrown in "Capture the Flag Part 5: The Game".

He has an older sister named Cheyenne and an older brother named Kenneth. He inherited the position from Cheyenne, who abdicated the throne before entering high school. He resides in the rich suburb of Herkleton Mills, which lies adjacent to Herkleton.

His presence was alluded to in "Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers" before he made his debut in the half-hour special "The Other Side".

Physical appearance

Xavier is a young teenager with dark brown skin, large blue eyes, and spiky brown hair, added with a daisy insignia as his crown. He wears a blue shirt, with navy blue jeans and white socks, a ring pop on his right finger, and a heavy blue jacket with white ruffles as his robe. The outfit he wears most likely belonged to his brother Kenneth, who would cosplay as the character Haru from the in-universe anime Haru, King of the Forest, as shown in the episode "Fan or Foe". He bears the Mark of the Mill on his right palm.


As king, Xavier presented himself as a happy-go-lucky, benevolent, and upbeat person. Beneath this veil was a much darker, manipulative side that would show when he was disobeyed. He showed no caring even for those who helped carry out his plans; he had Honeysuckle Rangers Raj and Shawn steal Craig's map for intel purposes, only to dismiss them after their success.

According to Kenneth, Xavier is actually a lonely and insecure person. This is best shown when Toman asks him to play a round of H-O-R-S-E and he is delighted because he'd never been invited to play a game, only for him to get upset and try to ban the sport after his swift loss.

His personality seems to stem from his home life. Though unseen, it is described as spoiled and enabling.

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