Everybody in the Craig of the Creek Fandom calls Jason a meanie for bossing people around but I still love him, in fact I have a few theories why he acts this way.

No One Respected Him

Maybe this is to obvious but I think before he became a Junior Forest Scout he was never respected and no one took him seriously, so when he did become one he bossed people around just like what use to happen.

He Has No One To Look Out For Him

Usually people who have no one to guide them are insecure or choose their own way to act because their is no one to show them the right way and that might be the case with Jason after all it's not to off

He Was Always Like This

This one is the boring one because it is way to OBVIOUS, also I kind of ran out of theories.


Most of these are kinda depressing and dark but Craig of the Creek has tapped a bit into dark topics with Kelsey, so I don't see if they'll have a problem doing these.

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