Unless your interested, this information doesn't MATTER. It has to do with a small announcement about my EWWCOTCS (Everything Wrong With Craig Of The Creek Series). No! It is not canceled or anything, it has just been scheduled for an earlier release date. TOMMOROW!

Release Date

 It was originally supposed to be launch on August 28, 2018 but that's when school will be. I've been in school for two weeks and since it started it has been constantly packing and packing me with work, giving me little time to be active on this wiki. Anyways the blog will come out tomorrow either before or at noon.
  To anyone who is reading this try to get the hype out there cuz I don't want to make the blog with out anyone reading or enjoying it. Then it will be kinda meaningless, so until then get ready! This is Jeff, signing out.
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