if your wondering why craig of the creek feels so familiar then you must be thinking about the nickelodeon animated series "Harvey beaks". Harvey beaks focuses on a bird who has friends named fee and foo and does crazy stuff outside like being a rebel and junk. craig of the creek however is similar as it focuses on a kid with 2 siblings and parents who goes on outdoors and has two friends Kelsey and JP.let's compare these characters craig is similar to Harvey due to they like nature and they like fun activies and hates when stuff goes wrong. Kelsey is similar to fee due to how they're the smarter friend and she's rough. JP is similar to foo due to how they're the dumber friend and nice at times but copies the smarter one when is rough. fun fact: the creator of the nicktoon also created a series for cartoon network back in the late 2000s called "chowder" that ended around adventure time started

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