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"Turning the Tables" is the 10th episode of the second season of Craig of the Creek and the 50th episode overall.


Craig dines at the restaurant where his older brother works and orders up a plate of REVENGE... and lots of breadsticks.


The episode starts with Craig cleaning the bathroom mirror, when Bernard kicks him out to get ready for work. Craig tells Bernard he was cleaning in there, and he implies that chores are chores, not work. When Craig comes back, it's found to be messy.

At the Stump, Craig complains about Bernard while Kelsey is measuring J.P. for an imaginary shrink ray. Craig is scrolling through the Pasta la Vista menu and finds an order for unlimited breadsticks. Craig has an idea to annoy Bernard using it. He then mentions the vault, and they open it.

In Pasta la Vista, Alexis dares Bernard to try a drink she calls "The Alexis Special", which consists of every drink in the restaurant, including the coffee creamers. Bernard tries it, and is grossed out by it, wishing they had some customers.

They are excited as the door opens, only to find that Craig, Kelsey and J.P. are standing there. Bernard questions what they are doing there, and Craig answers that they are waiting to be seated, he attempts to get them to leave by saying they are full, but Alexis intervenes asking if Craig is visiting Bernard. Bernard says that they were visiting and have to go, but Alexis says they should stay.

Bernard assumes Craig will order some waters, but Craig shows him that he has enough money for the unlimited salad and breadsticks special, and implies that they will be there all day. Bernard brings up mom, but Craig says that she isn't here to save him. Bernard tells the three to be on their best behavior, and Craig says he and the other two will be on their best behavior.

The scene then cuts to the three of them obnoxiously chanting for breadsticks, and Kelsey is hopping up and down on the table. Craig requests cheese for his salad, and Bernard tells him to say when, but Craig says when after Bernard runs out of cheese. When the three start to eat, Craig starts to "eat those feelings" for inconveniences that Bernard gives Craig, such as ruining his chores and recording over his TV shows.

Afterwards, Craig complains that his glass of water does not have enough ice and Kelsey complains that her glass of water has too little ice. Bernard switches their glasses to satisfy them. J.P wants milk, but Bernard knows he can't pay for it. However, J.P decides to take the restaurant's coffee creamers.

A man enters the restaurant and rudely asks to be seated. Bernard takes him to his seat and waits for him to make an order. Before the man can do this, Craig asks for Bernard. He wants more salad, even though he has not finished his first salad. However, J.P states that they at least ate the olives, to which Bernard promises more, as soon as he helps the customer. When going back to the man, Kelsey calls for Bernard. She finds a hair in her food, but it is actually Mortimor's feather. Upon returning to the man, Craig calls Bernard to find where the bathroom is.

After using the bathroom, Craig eavesdrops on Bernard talking to Alexis. Bernard's 15-year plan is not working. He and Alexis were supposed to work at the restaurant to make money for college and become a United Nations power couple. However, there is not enough business at the restaurant and thus, they are not earning money, Alexis believes that Craig will leave them a tip, which Bernard is doubtful over. She does have a second plan, in which she and him donate blood to make money.

Craig goes back to his table, but feels guilty for abusing Bernard. Just as he hands Kelsey another breadstick, the table tips over and causes Bernard to drop the man's order. The man angrily storms out of the restaurant, but not without Craig and his friends wanting to apologize to him.

Craig attempts to reason with him and asks him to go back inside to give Bernard a tip. However, the man refuses and opens the door to his car, but doing so, strikes Kelsey in the eye. Realizing that she can use this to her advantage, Kelsey starts crying, to which the man wonders how can help her. After asking if he should call her mother, Kelsey cries even further, due to her only having a father. She asks for ten dollars, but Craig insists that he give twenty dollars.

Craig and his friends re-enter the restaurant and give Bernard the money they received from the man. Bernard initially refuses, until Craig insists. As much as Craig thinks he is a jerk, he is at least a hard-working jerk. In response, Bernard gives Craig and his friends more breadsticks. As much as they are too full to eat any more, they eagerly accept.





  • At the point that it aired, "Turning the Tables" was the least viewed episode of the series.
  • When Bernard serves the salad and breadsticks, Kelsey is seen doing a dance move known as the "Hype".
  • The restaurant's name, Pasta la Vista, is a pun on the famous quote "Hasta la vista, baby!" from the 1991 film Terminator 2 : Judgment Day.
    • The unlimited salad and breadsticks as well as Bernard telling Craig to say when to stop grating cheese may be references to the real-world restaurant Olive Garden.
  • Mortimor should not have been allowed in the restaurant due to non-service animals not being allowed in food establishments.
  • Gar's Sports Nutrition is a reference to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.
    • The silhouette of "K.O." can even be seen on the front window of the store.



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