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Turner is a character who first appeared in "Bring Out Your Beast". She is a fan of the Bring Out Your Beast card game. Although appearing as shy and meek, she is a proficient player when in possession of Bernard's Beast Snare card.


In the beginning, she was a normal girl like everyone else in the Splintery Butt, who played "Bring Out Your Beast". When she found out that Craig has the Beast Snare card, she cheats him and tells him to bury it under a rock so it does not cause harm to anyone. She takes advantage when she takes it out from under the rock, which is why she gets all the power and becomes the best player. Despite this, she does not seem very angry when Craig defeats her and loses the game.


She is a short girl with light skin, blue eyes, red freckles and white hair. She wears a purple cap with something that looks like a face on the front, a red and orange striped shirt, yellow shorts and purple and white shoes.


She first appears playing Bring Out Your Beast (and losing) with Mark, then becomes the best player when she steals the Beast Snare card, which allows the player to take everyone else's cards. Craig defeats her by using another card that takes away 3 life points from the player who receives it and loses the Beast Snare card, mentioning that it was good to be the best.

Episode Appearance

Physical appearance

She has blue eyes, red freckles, and white hair. She wears a purple cap, red-and-orange-striped shirt, yellow shorts, and purple and white shoes.

Turner is one of the few characters in the series to have a redesign. First seen with a hat turned backwards, drooping eyes, and hair facing downwards. During the events of Bring Out Your Beast, she turns her cap forwards, her hair points upwards, and she has a shadow overtop her more menacing eyes. She has this appearance for the rest of the series, having become an adversary to Craig.


  • She may be named after Ted Turner, the founder of the Turner Broadcasting System which operates Cartoon Network.
  • Her personality changes and character as a whole resemble that of Yugi Muto of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series, as both characters turn from timid to menacing with similar hair changes indicating their change.

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