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"Trick or Creek" is the 11th and 12th episode of the third season of Craig of the Creek and the 91st and 92nd episode overall.

It is the fourth episode in the series with two parts.


It's Halloween at the Creek, and Craig is on a mission to collect as much candy as humanly possible, but a spooky ghoul from the Creek's past threatens his haul.


Part 1

In a flashback, three kids are excited about the candy they collected on Halloween night, with one named Natthew who was embarrassed due to being

Trick or Creek (37).png

scared as of a 5-year old dressed like a zombie. Wanting to prove himself Natthew took a dare which included a bag of Poppin Pebbles with Soda, however upon eating it Natthew head begin to expanded until it exploded, which later revealed it to be a story by The Witches of the Creek as they tell Craig, J.P. and Kelsey about the legend of No-Neck Natthew.

Trick or Creek (110).png

Later at the stump, Craig showed J.P. and Kelsey his costume: Slide the Ferret. They head to the Trading Tree to get the ears he needs for his costume. However upon arriving at the trading tree, Kit announce that since Halloween is tomorrow, she decide to cash everyone's debt of all the stuff she gave them this year and gave each of them a list of everything they got from her and she also told them if they don't pay her back the day after tomorrow, they will be banned from the trading tree forever. J.P wonders how they'll get the candy to pay her back, to which Craig states they will have to trick-or-treat harder than they ever have before.

Part 2

At the Stump, Craig reveals his plan to Kelsey and J.P. He lays out a map of the best trick-or-treat route to get the most candy. Upon covering one section of town, they will have to cut through the creek to make it to the other section. However, in order to fully pay Kit back, they need an extra trick-or-treater, one that is cute; but Jessica refuses to go trick-or-treating with him until he promises to give her any strawberry and cherry candy he receives.

At Craig's house, Duane forgot to buy more candy. He is left with only one bag to give to trick-or-treaters. When the doorbell rings, he answers the door and finds Bobby, who is dressed as himself. He gives him one piece of candy. However, Bobby returns to receive another piece of candy.

Trick or Creek (137).png

This time, Bobby has dressed as himself, but with a backpack. Duane advises him to go to other houses to find candy. Craig has taken his Slide the Ferret costume for trick-or-treating, while Jessica is a doctor and president. Kelsey is dressed as Mortimor and Mortimor is dressed as Kelsey. As for J.P, he is dressed as a dinosaur.

Trick or Creek (230).png

Through Craig's plan, they are successful in trick-or-treating. During so, Craig bumps into a kid who is dressed as an astronaut. Afterwards, they come across Handlebarb and Cannonball, both of whom run out the creek out of fear. They warn them that Natthew is in the creek, and he took their candy. Initially, they refuse to enter the creek, but they eventually decide to go.

Upon entering the creek, they find the Astronaut kid from earlier and discover that Natthew is real. He chases them for their candy. During so, he takes Jessica's candy when she falls. Because her share of the candy is 70% of their debt to Kit, they refuse to let Natthew steal their candy. Kelsey attempts to get her candy back from Natthew; first, by sending Mortimor after him, and then going after him herself. However, she fails in both instances. In the second instance, Natthew lifts Kelsey off her feet, to which she pecks him and removes his head. He falls to the ground, but when rising up, reveals he is still alive and frightens the kids off.

Part 3

Meanwhile, Duane takes his van to get more candy at the store. When returning home, he discovers Bobby in the backseat of the van. He is so frightened that he abandons the van and runs off. Back at the creek, the Astronaut inspires the four of them to not give up. Halloween is their holiday, and Natthew should not take it away from them. Afterwards, Craig comes up with a plan to stop Natthew.

Back at Craig's house, Duane tries to get in, but the front door is locked and Bobby is approaching. He throws all the candy he bought at the store at Bobby. This satisfies him and gets him to leave with his father.

Trick or Creek (579).png

They get all the Poppin Pebbles they have gathered and put it in him. After which, Craig puts a bottle of soda in his neck, to which Natthew explodes. They discover that it is actually Big Red under the costume, and she used the legend of Natthew to steal candy from trick-or-treaters in order to pay her debt to Kit. The Astronaut is upset that she ruined the family name of Natthew, to which she questions why he cares. She believes it's a fake story, to which the Astronaut removes his helmet and reveals that he is Natthew. This scares Big Red away. He reveals that his legend has some validity to it, with the exception of him having a pumpkin for a head. He returns every Halloween to help children trick-or-treat. Before the others can thank him for saving Halloween, he vanishes. Afterwards, Duane picks the kids up in his van and drives home.






  • This is the fourth half-hour episode in the series, spanning two parts, with the first being "The Other Side", the second being "Craig and the Kid's Table", and the third being "The Other Side: The Tournament".
  • This is the first episode to have a cold opening before the title card.
  • The episode's title card is the first of the series to be animated instead of painted.
    • Because it is animated, the opening credits are overlaid on the show rather than the title card.
  • Duane's Halloween costume is Steve Urkel from the show Family Matters.
  • Craig's Halloween costume is Slide the Ferret, a character based on Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Both Steve Urkel and Sonic the Hedgehog were played by Jaleel White.
  • Nicole's Halloween costume is Missy Elliott.
  • One of Bobby's costumes is from the music video in the episode "Memories of Bobby".
  • Handlebarb and Cannonball's Halloween costumes are two of the Rhino Racers, the brand of action figure Craig buys in "Dog Decider". Handlebarb is dressed as Rhinelope and Cannonball is dressed as one of the male rhinos.
  • The Halloween credits remix first used in "The Curse" returns as an extended version.
  • Stacie, who left Ian in "Dog Decider", gives candy to the Stump Kids. This suggests that she changed her mind about moving to the city.
  • Poppin' Pebbles is a reference to the 90's candy, Pop Rocks.
  • This is the seventh episode in which Jessica visits the Creek, having previously visited in "Jessica Goes to the Creek", "Jessica's Trail", "Creek Daycare", "Jessica Shorts", "The Ground Is Lava!", and "Plush Kingdom".


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