The "Witches" of the Creek are two outsider teens named "Tabitha" and "Courtney", who come to the creek at night and were introduced in the tenth episode of season one, "The Curse". They are not actually witches, just thought of as witches because of their taste in clothes and interests in various things of different gothic subcultures. They make no effort to correct the misconception and enjoy playing along with it to mess with kids younger than them, like Craig and his friends.


  • Tabitha is a scrawny pale kid with bleach blonde and dyed black hair kept in space buns. She wears three piercings in her right ear, two piercings in her left ear, black nail polish on her fingernails, a choker necklace with a crescent moon on it, a gray and over-sized t-shirt with a design of an eye on its side with two pupils and red irises, a mesh top that turns into fingerless gloves worn underneath, matching bracelets on both of her arms, and big black boots with lots of buckles on them. She has black pupils and very pale eyebrows. She is voiced by Karen Kilgariff.
  • Courtney is a bit tanner than Tabitha, with a taller and bulkier body type. She is seen with three piercings in each of her ears, nose ring on the left side of her nose, an over-sized brown coat with what appears to be an x-men logo on a side of each of her arms, a white crop top, green shorts with a big black belt, fingerless gloves, black sheer tights, a black zig-zag line on her neck (that is most likely a choker) and black sneakers with different colored laces. She has shiny black hair, with her bangs and two strips of hair framing her face dyed neon green. She is voiced by Georgia Hardstark.

They also both wear lots of eyeliner and the same dark shade of eyeshadow.


Courtney appears to be the more empathetic and sensible of the two, while Tabitha is more naturally mischievous, temperamental, and macabre, though she knows where to draw the line when her behavior goes too far with others. Tabitha though faces the problem of having to decide whether or not she should go to college next year, because if she does, that means she'll be forced to see Courtney less. Another stress point they both face is Tabitha's dad, a strict man who pressures Tabitha to do well in school and go to college, and doesn't know that they go to the creek at night. They have just successfully convinced him that they are going to "Jazz Band".


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