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"The Time Capsule" is the 38th episode of the second season and the 78th episode overall of Craig of the Creek.


Worried he'll one day forget all his favorite memories, Craig creates a time capsule to remember them all.


The episode starts with Craig eating in the kitchen, when Bernard places a box of old clothing on the table. His student council is having a clothing drive. Their mother enters the kitchen and she also has a box of old clothing, such as a shirt with an alligator on it and a pair of dancing shoes. These belong to Craig, but he does not remember them. They watch a home video of Bernard singing and Craig dancing, but Craig has no memory of either of these. His mother however, is glad she has held onto the video so that she can remember special moments from the past.

At the Creek, Craig asks his friends if they remember anything from when they were young. J.P. only remembers his birth and his sixth birthday. As for Kelsey, she had a "pirate phase," and her father has a photograph of this, but she does not believe him. Craig talks about what happened earlier and then expresses his concern over forgetting memories such as a marker they currently have. They recall that they got the marker as a gift from the Tattoo Kids, and they were given matching tattoos.

Craig however, realizes that they are already forgetting things. J.P. reassures him by stating they have a time machine to travel to past in order to re-live old memories. However, Craig reminds him that the time machine does not work, which J.P. forgot. Desperate to remember memories, Craig and his friends gather items from the past and put them in a cooler, which will serve as a time capsule.

The cooler however, is not enough to store all the memories, but Craig realizes that the Stump itself should be the time capsule. To ensure that no one will take their stuff, they seal the Stump and get Bobby to sit on the Stump for ten years.

While the three of them are exploring the Creek, Craig discovers a cave, which is a fresh new location for them to explore. However, he realizes that doing so will create a new memory which will make them forget their old memories. In addition, he put his map in the Stump, which has been sealed. J.P states that they will find something unmemorable to do.

During so, a kid know for fighting various other kids after taking one martial arts class challenges Kelsey. Just as they is about to fight her, she declines their challenge over the aforementioned issue. Afterwards, J.P. comes across a Wish 'N the Box, but declines to crank it over the fear of creating new memories, like Kelsey and Craig before him. Cannonball however, cranks the box and receives three wishes from a genie.

Back at his house, Craig stares at his bedroom wall when his mother enters. She wonders what he is doing, to which he explains everything. She however, reasons with him by asking if he will forget what he learned in school or if he will forget how to drive a car after getting a driver's license. Then, Craig realizes that what he is doing makes no sense. His mother tells him that he cannot remember everything, but he will remember good times, which she instructs him to go out and make.

He, Kelsey, and J.P. change their mind and return to the Stump. They attempt to get Bobby off the Stump, but he believes that they are testing him. He drives the Stump Kids away from the Stump for the purpose of fulfilling his promise to Craig.

After realizing that Bobby will not leave the Stump until his promise has been met, Craig comes up with a plan to get him off, by making him believe that he has slept for ten years. While he is sleeping, the Stump Kids set up props around the Stump to make it seem ten years in the future. When he wakes up, the Stump Kids, while wearing disguises to make themselves look ten years older, tell him that there was a war with robots. Bobby wonders what happened to his parents, to which he is put into the time machine to "travel" back in time.

Bobby "travels" back to the past and leaves the scene to warn everyone about the robot war. After he has left the scene, the Stump Kids remove the seal off the Stump and Cannonball reveals that he got a solid gold bike and a sandwich from the genie he found. Thereafter, Craig declares that they will make new memories.







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