The Sewer Queen is the leader of the Sewer Kids and is an inhabitant of The Sewer.


She is seen with black hair and brown skin, she wears swim goggles, a blue shirt and blue pants. Also, just like some of the other Sewer Kids, she's always barefoot. Interestingly, on her right foot, her second and third toes are webbed. However, in "Lost in the Sewers", her second and third toes are webbed on both of her feet.


In the "Pilot" you can see that she grabs everything that falls into the sewers. When she meets other kids, she feels observed for being strange, as she admits it. She is always seen helping the other kids in the sewer, for which the leader was chosen. When it is swept away by the flood, the other kids in the tunnel must find her immediately because they need her. She can not see without her swimming goggles. Apparently, her strength is very weak, as seen in "Lost in the Sewers" when she is trapped under a toy car and can not get out.



  • The Sewer Queen is voiced by Karen Fukuhara, who also voices Alexis.
  • The Sewer Queen's "webbed feet" are a result of Syndactyly, a condition where two or more toes or fingers are fused together.


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