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"The Secret to Unlocking Multiple Realities" is a song that plays during the episode "In the Key of the Creek".


[Wren] To digest your discovery
Let's use our knowledge of string theory
Because quantum gravity
Is the secret to unlocking
Multiple realities
(Ooh, science, science)
And parallel histories
(Wah-ooh, science, science)
So instead of asking "What is the key?"
(Ooh, science, science)
Ask "When is the key?"
(Wah-ooh, science, science)
And really, who are we?
(Ooh, science, science)
Am I you? Are you me?!
(Wah-ooh, science, science)
On a microscopic level let's examine everything
[Faraday] (Wren, I think you better stop)
[Wren] Particles that form an object also make up where they lead
[Faraday] (I think you need to listen up)
[Wren] And the residue that's left behind will share a common chemistry
[Faraday] (You look like you're gonna pop)
[Wren] At theoretical colliding speeds!
[Faraday] *yelled* Wren, please! Focus!

Track Information


  • Philip Solomon has a vocals credit on this song, despite not singing in it.


  1. Accuracy confirmed by Ashleigh Hairston