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"The Other Side: The Tournament" is the 1st and 2nd episode of Season 3 of Craig of the Creek and the 81st and 82nd episode overall.

It is the third episode in the series with two parts.


Hoping to win a special prize for his Dad's birthday, Craig and his friends compete in a tournament on the Other Side of the Creek!


Act I

Nicole finishes a banner reading "Happy Birthday Duane!" while Craig is holding the Power Punchers box art to draw letters in the game's font on Duane's birthday card. Comparing it, he decides he is finished and asks his mom if his dad will like the birthday card. The garage door activates, scaring Nicole into thinking Duane arrived early. Instead, Bernard arrives, proud of the gift he bought for his father's birthday: a Pineapple Watch. He lists the smartwatch's features, prefixing them with a P: pTime, pHealth tracking, pTalk, and emphasizing it can be worn by slapping it on the wrist. He claims it will be the best gift Duane's received since Bernard came home from the hospital following his birth, and his mom ribs him by saying he nearly sent her to the hospital. Craig is amazed by his gift and begins to feel bad about his card. Bernard uses the smartwatch to remind Duane to praise him, but it mishears his name as "Butt-nard". He tries again, only to be identified as "Butt-narc".

Jessica runs into the kitchen yelling "They're here!" causing Nicole to quickly take down the banner thinking Duane was back, tearing it in the process and again raising concern about his lack of timeliness. Jessica then adds that she was talking about her aunt and uncle. Nicole, exasperated, tells Jessica she should have started with the names. The door opens and they greet the Williams with the birthday cake in tow. Nicole thanks them for helping with party preparation and explains how she kept Duane out of the house: by having his parents schedule all their medical appointments on the same day, forcing him to chauffeur them around.

Bryson arrives, lugging a large bag behind him. He enthusiastically says hi to Craig, but he is not met in kind. Craig explains that he feels bad about his gift not being good enough compared to his brother's, who is still struggling to get the watch to understand his name. Bryson cheers Craig up by revealing what was in the bag: a firehose in order to enact their plan, Operation Cool Down. Craig wonders where he got it from, and Bryson explains. They waste no time running down to the Creek.

Over at the Creek, J.P. and Kelsey are laying out hoses. They are excited to see Bryson again, and Kelsey shows off her high-jump. J.P. reveals that he found seven new joints in his body, and assures Bryson that the doctor couldn't help him. Bryson demonstrates his ball-rolling trick, causing them to overreact and call him a wizard. The Horse Girls arrive with a hose in their mouths, except for Marie, who holds it in her hands with a bored expression. Now that they have all the hoses they need, Craig reveals his diagram of the Creek and the hose positioning while Creek Kids are shown connecting hoses. Once they finish setting up, they each use their custom setup to cool off on the unusually hot day. Suddenly, the water stops.

Act II





  • This is the third half-hour episode, spanning two parts, with the first being "The Other Side", and the second being "Craig and the Kid's Table".
    • Coincidentally, it premiered almost one year after the premiere of "The Other Side".
  • The Pineapple Watch is likely a parody of Apple Watch.
  • Steven Universe is mentioned by name, as King Xavier received boxing gloves that resemble Garnet's gauntlets as a Steven Universe-themed merchandise gift. This merchandise does not exist in real life.
  • A character resembling Peppa Pig can be seen on the Power Punchers box art.
    • While the Creek Kids name the gifts in the pictures, Kelsey sings "Boxing glo-o-o-o-oves" to the tune of "Stronger Than You".
  • The Blur may be a reference to the Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • When he has to leave for dinner, he says "Gotta go home!", a reference to Sonic's catchphrase "Gotta go fast!".
    • As Sonic the Hedgehog does not exist in the Craig of the Creek universe, the Blur may be imitating Slide the Ferret.
  • At the time the episode aired, it was the least viewed episode of Craig of the Creek.



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