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"The Other Side: The Tournament" is the 1st and 2nd episode of Season 3 of Craig of the Creek and the 81st and 82nd episode overall.

It is the third episode in the series with two parts.


Hoping to win a special prize for his Dad's birthday, Craig and his friends compete in a tournament on the Other Side of the Creek!


Part 1

The Other Side The Tournament (5).png

Nicole finishes hanging a banner reading "Happy Birthday Duane!" while Craig is referencing the Power Punchers box art to design a birthday card. Deciding he is finished, he asks his mom if his dad will like the birthday card. The garage door activates, scaring Nicole into thinking Duane arrived early, but it turns out to be Bernard. He brags about his gift for Duane: a Pineapple Watch. He lists the smartwatch's features, prefixing them with a P: "pTime", "pHealth" tracking, "pTalk", and emphasizing it can be worn by slapping it on the wrist. Craig is amazed by Bernard's gift and begins to feel bad about his card. Bernard uses the smartwatch to remind Duane to praise him, but it doesn't understand his name, irritating him.

The Other Side The Tournament (28).png

Jessica runs into the kitchen, yelling "They're here!" Nicole tears down the banner, only for Jessica to add that she was referring to her aunt and uncle. The door opens and they greet the Williams with a birthday cake in tow. Nicole thanks them for helping with party preparation and explains how she kept Duane out of the house: having his parents schedule all their medical appointments on the same day, forcing him to chauffeur them around.

The Other Side The Tournament (54).png

Bryson arrives, lugging a large bag behind him. He is happy to see Craig, but notices Craig is feeling down. Craig explains that he feels bad about his gift not being good enough compared to his brother's, who is still struggling to get the watch to understand his name. Bryson cheers Craig up by showing him a firehose that they can use for Operation Cool Down. They run down to the Creek.

The Other Side The Tournament (75).png

Over at the Creek, J.P. and Kelsey are laying out hoses. They are excited to see Bryson again. After they show off their new skills to each other, the Horse Girls arrive with a hose in their mouths. Setting up the final hose, Craig reveals his diagram of the hose layout for Operation Cool Down. Around the Creek, kids each use their custom setup to cool off on the unusually hot day. However, a tangled hose abruptly cuts off the water. Craig fixes it, but the pressure launches Craig into a tree, from where he notices fireworks going off in the Other Side of the Creek. With Bryson, the Stump Kids raft to the Overpass to ask the Green Poncho for more information. The Green Poncho tells them about the tournament being held by King Xavier for his birthday, during which he gives away his old birthday presents. Each of them are impressed by one of the prizes. Craig is nervous about participating, but Bryson is confident they can win.

Part 2

The Other Side The Tournament (202).png

At the Other Side, an Acorn Guard stops Kevin, a rando, from competing in the tournament. Bryson and the Stump Kids hide behind a bush. The Honeysuckle Rangers arrive with spare outfits so they can participate. Craig asks the Honeysuckle Rangers if they will join, but they refuse, calling the competition "brutal" and "rough". They show concern, but they want to give Duane the best birthday present ever. Meanwhile, at the optometrist, Duane falls asleep waiting for Earl to finish his eye exam. Craig, Kelsey, J.P., and Bryson enter inside the Other Side. Just after that, trumpets are blown as Maya introduces the king, Xavier, to the community. Xavier throws out candy as he declares the tournament open.

The tournament starts with the 1st game—red light, green light. Craig competes with Keun Sup—aka "The Blur"—and an Acorn Knight. Just after the game starts, the Acorn Knight was eliminated for not stopping when Maya declared "red light". The match was close for Craig and Keun Sup, but the latter was eliminated for running when Maya declared "gray light". Maya gives 20 points for the "Honey Suckers", and a disinterested Xavier carries on the tournament. When Kelsey asked him for the next game, Craig told her that it's a water balloon toss. Craig feels uncomfortable as two Acorn Knights holding a rando pass by, so Bryson decides to participate in the game. The game begins, with Bryson successfully hitting the rando with the balloon after dodging other balloons. But Jackie, aka "The Arm", comes to compete, successfully hitting the rando three times, destroying his target.

Part 3





  • "The Other Side: The Tournament" premiered almost one year after the premiere of "The Other Side".
  • The Pineapple Watch is likely a parody of Apple Watch.
  • The Steven Universe-branded boxing gloves based on Garnet's gauntlets Xavier received for his previous birthday are a fictional product.
    • While the Creek Kids name the gifts in the pictures, Kelsey sings "Boxing glo-o-o-o-oves" to the tune of "Stronger Than You".
  • A character resembling Peppa Pig can be seen on the Power Punchers box art.
  • The Blur seems to imitate Slide the Ferret, who is himself an homage to Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • When he has to leave for dinner, he says "Gotta go home!", a reference to Sonic's catchphrase "Gotta go fast!".
  • At the time the episode aired, it was the least viewed premiere of the series. This record was then broken by "Afterschool Snackdown" which received only 210,000 viewers.



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