The Ninja Kids are a group of kids that reside at the waterfall in The Creek. They are obsessed with Japanese culture, meaning things like Manga, Anime, and have been seen wielding Bo-staffs and cardboard Shurikens. They refer to the waterfall as "Their Garden" and will attack anyone who doesn't show immediate affection for all things Japan.


  • Yustice: She is the leader of the group and stays on some rocks in the waterfall. She has dark peach skin, black hair tied with a blue ponytail and a white band on her head. She wears a very warm orange jacket, a pair of dark red shorts and brown sandals with white socks. She also has a round backpack where she keeps two sticks she uses to fight and a western comic book. To let the children in the creek know they have encountered problems, the hair is released.
  • Zatch: He is the ninja boy, he is the most enthusiastic about Japanese culture. He has peach skin, completely shaved hair and a white band that covers one of his eyes. He wears a light blue green-collared diver, navy blue pants and dark brown sandals with white socks.
  • Prinda: She is the other ninja girl. She has brown skin, long brown hair and a white band on her hair. She is wearing a purple shirt with red sleeves, light purple pants, gray anklets and orange sandals with white socks. She keeps ninja stuff in her pocket.


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