The Kid from 3030 Gallery Transcript

(Theme song plays)

(Title Card appears)
(The scene cuts to Craig's parents unboxing.)

  • Duane: "Man, where did I put that bow tie?"

(Bernard appears as he's dressed for his junior prom.)

  • Bernard: "Mom, Dad! How do I look?"
  • Nicole: "Ooooo, that's my handsome son!"
  • Duane: "Woo, looking sharp!"
  • Nicole: (grabs her phone) "I have to get a picture!"
  • Bernard: "Mom! Please! At least get my good side."
  • Nicole: "Oh stop!" (takes him a picture.)
  • Duane: "There it is!"

(Craig ran downstairs to them)

  • Craig: "Guys! Guess who did their chores and not without to be reminded! Me, Craig!"

(But, the parents ignored and focused on Bernard.)

  • Nicole: "You look so good sweetie."
  • Duane: "(unboxing) Wooooah! Nicole! Look what I found! (TBA) I have to play this!"

(He takes the disk and put it in a VHS.)

  • Duane: (dances) 🎶Girl, i wanna jam with you! It's 1992!🎶
  • Bernard: Oh no.
  • Duane: 🎶You say i jam with me!🎶
  • Nicole: "In 1993. Come on, Bernard! Dance with me!"
  • Craig: "Mom! I'll dance with you—"
  • Duane: "And I'm waiting my (TBA)"
  • Nicole: "(chuckles) Oh yeah!"

(Once Craig scoffed, they stopped dancing.)

  • Nicole: "I can't believe that you're already going to your junior prom. I'm so proud of you."
  • Craig: (pulls duane's shirt) "Notice me..."
  • Duane: Go play with craig, Jessica."
  • Bernard: It's not a huge deal, anybody could go to the prom.
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