The Junior Forest Scouts are a trio of boys who constantly attempt to domineer the others kids at The Creek with their status as scouts. The members' names are Boris, Tony, and their leader is Jason.



Jason has blond hair and a speech impediment caused by his braces. Jason carries a water squirt gun around, he also wears badges around him.

There are two other boys, a big guy named Boris, and a small one with fluffy red hair covering his eyes named Tony. Tony also carries a Park Rules book around.

They all were blue-grey scout uniforms, in The Invitation they wore the same uniforms, but with long sleeve shirt's and long jeans, and Tony and Boris also wore badges around themselves.


While Jason is arrogant, rude, annoying, and pretentious, Boris and Tony act as Jason's lackeys, and neither seem to be particularly intelligent. Boris never says anything and only responds to others with grunts, and Tony always accidentally annoys Jason whenever he says anything. However, in The Invitation, Boris was able to speak other words other then responding with grunts. They're also self entitled, They constantly used memberships as justification for bossing people around, and even attempting to take things from the other kids at the creek.

Despite their negative traits, they take the concept of Scout's Honor very seriously. They do their best of being honest, and hates being lied to or mislead.



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