The Green Poncho is a minor character in Craig of the Creek. He stays at the overpass and protects the Creek.


The Green Poncho has brown skin and long black hair, which covers his eyes. He wears a green pilot poncho with a hood, bandages on his legs and red sandals. He has a bow on his back.


He's a lonely, quiet kid who lives on the overpass, and apparently doesn't want anyone to visit him because he's "dangerous," since he attacked Craig and his friends while they were exploring. He carries with him a bow, arrows with a marker to trace his enemies, and many pencils, with which he broke Craig's inflatable boat. In The Other Side, he is known to somewhat be hypocritical at times. He can find humor in some moments. He is also known to care for his side of the creek and others, since he was worried about Kelsey, JP, and Craig.

Episode Appearances


  • Although he attacked Craig in "Under the Overpass", in "Jessica's Trail" he reveals that he only wants to protect the Creek kids from the kids who live on the other side of the Creek.
  • This character is a reference to the DC comics superhero, Green Arrow


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