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"The Future is Cardboard" is the 14th episode of the first season of Craig of the Creek and the 14th episode overall.


The kids meet an eccentric cardboard creator that invites Craig to help finish his masterpiece.[1]


The episode begins with Craig, Kelsey and JP walking on the creek with cans on their feet, which move using elastic bands. The trio returns to their "base" and find a cardboard box indicating that it is armed. Kelsey and JP use the box to kick it, hit it, and as Mortimor's bathroom, but Craig takes the box and explains that they should treat it well, and then assemble a chair with cardboard. Kelsey and JP were

The Future is Cardboard (13)

about to destroy the chair, until Carter Brown arrives applauding and congratulates Craig for his work, then sits in the cardboard chair. Carter takes them to their new cardboard city and they enter to let Carter show them the whole place; First, the "game room" with many imitations of your favorite games made of cardboard. Kelsey tries to play one of his games, but ends up breaking the game room.

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Carter Brown

Then Carter shows them a room with many beds, which Craig thinks are very comfortable, and even have cup holders. JP tries to jump on a bed but breaks it, making Craig angry. The next place is a gym made of cardboard, decorated with jungle theme. Kelsey and JP break several things in the gym for trying to use them, Craig gets mad at them and apologizes for the disaster, but Carter shows Craig that

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the entire "New Carton City" is held by tubes so that no one breaks it. Finally, Carter takes them to a room to drink water, which has glasses covered with adhesive tape so that the cardboard does not undo the cardboard. Craig exclaims that the whole place is amazing, but Kelsey is surprised that there are no children. Carter explains that he plans to make the entire city mobile, and that's why he called Craig. Craig and Carter make the city mobile, while Kelsey and JP are in a living room, bored because the TV has no channels and JP's popcorn is very hard. Kelsey asks Craig

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when they leave, and they begin to argue why Kelsey thinks it is useless to have a cardboard city, so she and JP leave, leaving Craig and Carter alone. Kelsey and JP walk down the creek to get to their base, but get lost and find another cardboard city. Meanwhile, Craig is sad because he misses JP, and Carter tries to convince him that he shouldn't miss them because they were mean to him. Kelsey and JP meet Zoe, the leader of the Cardboard City,

The Future is Cardboard (210)
to ask how to get back to their base. They mention New Cardboard City and Carter, surprising Zoe, because he knew him. At that moment, Zoe explains to Kelsey and JP that he met Carter and played with him, until he began to complain about the appearance of the city and left. Carter arrives with his robot and destroys a house, then throws packing foam at Zoe, Kelsey and JP Craig tries to stop him but Carter throws him into a room where he locks him, while Kelsey and JP try to defeat him. Craig remembers that before coming to the New Cardboard City, Kelsey and JP tried to
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"But I'm Glad we’re still friends".

break the box, then he destroys the robot and apologizes to his friends for having abandoned them. Carter falls into a box and Zoe threatens him with his cardboard ax, then he is forced to leave. Craig is glad to regain his friendship with Kelsey and JP, and the episode ends.




  • Zoe (debut)
  • Cardboard People (debut)


  • The cardboard city has many references to the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
    • First, the final version of New Cardboard City resembles a Metal Gear.
    • Also, Carter's idea of New Cardboard City could be a reference to Outer Heaven, an idea of “the perfect country”.
    • Finally, the theme of cardboard is very similar to the idea of sneaking around in a cardboard box in Metal Gear Solid.
  • The TV in New Cardboard City has a cutout of Jerry Seinfeld with his catchphrase “What’s the deal with...”.



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