The Fredites are a group of kids in the Creek who seek out Fred, a dog, for every decision that they make. They have only appeared in Dog Decider.

Craig was a Fredite for a short time, before having a conflict with the rest of the Fredites when buying an action figure he wanted, as they claimed that Fred has disappeared because of his disobedience.


  • Brigid: She is the leader of the group. She seems to be a nice girl who likes to help those who have trouble deciding. However, he can be very angry when someone disobeys Fred. She was licked by Fred at the end of Dog Decider and believed that he chose her as the leader.
  • Cleric: He stands next to Fred and gives the Fredites permission for Fred to make decisions. He holds a stick with a plate and a red dog collar.
  • Rest of the children: They wear similar clothes and are always together when decisions are made. One of those girls is going to cut her hair (by Fred's decision).



  • They can be a reference to very religious people, who often start wars for their religion.
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