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"The Brood" is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Craig of the Creek and is the fifteenth episode overall.


Craig's determination to get his granddad a cicada shell causes him, Kelsey and J.P. to become trapped in their stump.[1]


At the start of the episode, Craig is with his Grandpa when his Grandpa tells him about cicadas, and how they come out of the ground by the thousands every 17 years. After Craig's Grandpa shoves the 17-year-old cicada shell in Craig's face, he accidentally crushing it, and promising to get him a new one, and Craig's Grandpa tell him that the cicadas would be back soon. At this moment there is a time break.

After the time break, Craig, Kelsey, and JP are being chased by a brood of cicadas. They decide their only chance of escape is the stump, and they jump in. Inside the stump, Craig apologizes for ruining the afternoon trying to find a replacement cicada shell for his Grandpa, and fantasizes about a bank vault full of cicada shells, before pulling out his own shell, which turns out to have a Dracula the cicada inside.

When Craig traps the cicada and the shell inside a jar, he comes up with the idea to use a message in a bottle to signal for help, offering free ice cream to the rescuers. After that, Kelsey decides they should break into their super secret emergency rations. After they eat their rations, Dracula molts completely.

When Kelsey, JP, and Craig are just sitting, they here a voice saying that he would rescue them for ice cream, and the voice happens to be the voice of Jason the Junior Forest Scout, who refuses to help them after learning they have no ice cream, then taking their stuff. After a heart-felt moment, the three friends leave the stump in sleeping bags, and let Dracula go, receiving a cicada shell. At the end of the episode, Craig, Kelsey, and JP take a selfie which is framed next to Dracula's cicada shell at the house of Craig's grandpa.





  • It's revealed that Herkleston is located in Maryland.
  • The car that Kelsey got from the sewer queen was taken by Jason.



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