The Tea Timers are a group of rich and elegant children who dedicate themselves to tea parties. So far they have only appeared in the episode "The Invitation". They invited several children from the creek lying with them to make them fight and have fun because of that.

Its base is a giant tree with leaves that reach to the ground. Inside there are lights that illuminate the place and have a large table where they meet.


  • Eliza: A rich family girl who dresses as a princess, and is the leader of the group. She has peach skin and long pink hair with a crown. She wears a dress half pink and half white, with a red strip in the middle. She wears red shoes hidden by her dress. She knows how to dance very well and is in charge of starting the fights between the other children.
  • Jane: She is another rich family girl who dresses elegantly. She has peach skin, purple hair, a gala hat and some gold rings. She wears a purple dress with lilac socks and black shoes.
  • George: A rich family boy who dresses similar to a butler. He has clear peach skin and blue hair combed back with variations of color, it also has a light blue dot on its face. He wears a white shirt under a blue jacket and a blue bow tie, blue jeans with a blue belt, white socks and black shoes. He is the one in charge of taking the children who were kicked out of the party.

Both members have a British accent and they know how to dance very well. Despite being rich and elegant, Jane and George had fun in the food war in "The Invitation".



  • Eliza takes dance classes with her parents.

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