Tabitha is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek.


Tabitha is a scrawny, pale girl with blonde hair and black dyed space bunches. She uses three piercings on her right ear, two piercings on her left ear, black nail polish on her nails, a choker necklace with a crescent moon, a gray and oversized t-shirt with an eye design on her side with two pupils and red iris, a mesh upper that becomes fingerless gloves worn underneath, equal bracelets on both arms and large black boots with many buckles. She has black pupils and very pale eyebrows.


Tabitha is naughty, temperamental and macabre, although she knows where to draw the line when her behavior goes too far with others. Tabitha, however, faces the problem of having to decide whether she should go to college next year or not, because if she does, that means she will be forced to see Courtney less.



  • For unknown reasons, in Latin America, her name is pronounced as "Tabatha".


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