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"Sunday Clothes" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Craig of the Creek and is the seventh episode overall.


J.P. dirties his last clean clothes and he must wear his Sunday clothes to the creek.[2]


The episode begins with Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. at the creek exclaiming that they have 8 full hours to be at the creek. J.P., then tells his friends he is going to touch a salamander for 8 full hours. The salamander is clinging on the ledge of a bank, near a stream, then moves while it notices J.P.

J.P., then tumbles into the water. Craig and Kelsey yell out his name in concern. He stands up soaking wet, and then exclaims that he has "wet" himself. He explains that he didn't "wet" wet himself, and remarks that it was okay, because his underwear wasn't wet. A few moments later he starts feeling his underwear getting soaked, and then awkwardly describes his experience. Craig and J.P., look at each other, in concern and advise J.P. to go home, and get changed.

At J.P.'s house, the 3 friends walk towards the door. Before they could open it, J.P's sister Laura, explains that he will not enter being dirty. J.P. then tries to take of his clothes, but Laura tells him not to, because their neighbors are often talking about him. She then tells J.P., someways he has gotten dirty. One of these, were J.P. arriving home, covered in bee-stings, and J.P. states that he did this because he thought the bees would make him fly. Laura talks to J.P. saying that he is in middle school and start being mature, and also tells him that his two friends, Craig, and Kelsey, are younger and are also clean.





  • It is revealed that J.P. is a middle school grader, considering that he's about 11.

Character Connections

  • JP was the only one who remembered the cause of the paintball war.



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