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"Sink or Swim Team" is the 4th episode of the fourth season of Craig of the Creek and the 124th episode overall.


Craig offers to help the Sewer Queen by going undercover as a member of the swim team.








  • Some scenes from the episode went viral for their accurate representation of Filipino culture in a cartoon, resulting in coverage from various Filipino media, including live on Frontline Philippines.
  • Numerous Filipino customs are displayed in the episode:
    • Pagmamano, a sign of respect to elders where one bows and presses their forehead to the elder's hand.
    • Pagsasaing, customs followed when cooking rice: rinsing the rice, measuring the water with (a) finger(s), and serving right after cooking to ensure the rice is hot.
    • Eileen's family eats tortang talong (eggplant omelet), sinigang na isda (fish soup), and lumpia (spring roll), all traditional dishes.
    • Wooden utensils hanging on a wall as a dining room decorations.
    • A painting of a man with a halo in the dining room, referencing The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Lola's lines are in Cebuano, and translate as follows:
    • "Maayo ra na sila sa sunod na salida." -> They'll be fine in the next episode.
    • "Ka-gwapo. Imo ning boyfriend?" -> He's handsome, is he your boyfriend?
    • "Ha? Na-unsa ka?" -> Huh, what's up with him?
    • "Binuang naman ni na istorya." -> This story is crazy.
    • "Kamo tanan na tudlo mo'g langoy" -> You all taught how to swim?
    • "Unsa? Kaning bata dili siya gusto mulangoy?" -> What? That kid never wanted to swim?
    • "Maayo diay kay daghan amigo si Ei-Ei magbisita sa balay." -> It's so nice that Eileen has a lot of friends to visit the house.
  • Chill Whip is a parody of Cool Whip.


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