Season 3 is the third season of Craig of the Creek. It was confirmed by Cartoon Network on July 15, 2019.[1] The season began on June 21, 2020. It is presumed to consist of 40 episodes.




The season premiered June 21, 2020 with a half-hour special "The Other Side: The Tournament". The following week, one new episode will air on Monday through Thursday at 10 AM PDT, starting with "The Ground Is Lava!" on June 29, 2020 and ending with "Craig of the Beach" on July 2, 2020.


Series No. Title Written and storyboarded by Airdate Prod. code Viewers
81/82 1/2 "The Other Side: The Tournament" Angel Lorenzana, Ashley Tahilan, Dashawn Mahone, and Najja Porter June 21, 2020 1076–001


83 3 "The Ground Is Lava!" Lamar Abrams and Charmaine Verhagen June 29, 2020 1076–003 0.40
84 4 "Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-Mind" Deena Beck and Amish Kumar June 30, 2020 1076–004 0.38
85 5 "The Bike Thief" Jason Dwyer and Tara Helfer July 1, 2020 1076–005 0.43
86 6 "Craig of the Beach" Dashawn Mahone and Najja Porter July 2, 2020 1076–006 TBA


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Pilot Pilot
Season 1 Itch To ExploreYou're ItJessica Goes to the CreekThe Final BookToo Many TreasuresWildernessaSunday ClothesEscape from Family DinnerMonster in the GardenThe CurseDog DeciderBring Out Your BeastLost in the SewersThe Future is CardboardThe BroodUnder the OverpassThe InvitationVulture's NestKelsey QuestJponyAce of SquaresDoorway to HelenThe Last Kid in the CreekThe ClimbBig PinchyThe Kid from 3030Power PunchersCreek Cart RacersSecret Book ClubJextra PerrestrialThe Takeout MissionDinner at the CreekJessica's TrailBug CityDeep Creek SalvageThe ShortcutDibs CourtThe Great Fossil RushThe Mystery of the TimekeeperAlone Quest
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Season 3 The Other Side: The TournamentThe Ground Is Lava!Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-MindThe Bike ThiefCraig of the Beach
Shorts Craig of the CarHow Was Your Day?The Williams Family Opening Theme SongHow to Map the CreekCreek Kid Rap
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