The Scooter Kid is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek.


Scooter Kid has fair skin and large, light blue eyes, with blond hair in a rat tail, and a gray helmet with a skull on it. She wears a gray shirt and gray pants along with brown slippers with a white tip. She has a red backpack shaped like a turtle shell on her back, and she rides on a blue scooter.


In The Final Book, she is seen calmly crossing the creek with her scooter, but when she meets Craig, Kelsey and JP, who accused her of stealing a book, she gets nervous and tries to escape, stumbling over JP and falling into a bush.



  • She knows Stacks, since she had a report made by her in her backpack.
  • Her backpack resembles one of the Koopa Troopa shells from the Mario franchise.


The Final Book (Debut)

Ace of Squares (Cameo)
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