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Roger is a Creek Kid who pretends to be a bridge troll. He first appeared in "The Shortcut". He is voiced by Matt Burnett.

Physical appearance

Roger is an average sized albino boy with a rather unkempt appearance. He’s one of the few Creek Kids with noticeable nails. He has stringy, greenish dirty blonde hair and wears a pair of ripped overalls. He has visible ribs and abnormally large ears. He also has long, noodle-lke limbs.


Roger loves riddles, and owns a book of riddles that he always keeps with him. He intimidates those who wish to cross into answering his riddles. However, the book he carries consists of the same riddle, "What's black and white and re(a)d all over?" with 101 different answers, making answering them impossible. He greatly values other riddles, as he was willing to exchange passage over the bridge for the chance at getting a new riddle. Though conniving, he admits defeat at being unable to guess Craig and Kit's riddle and respects them for it.[1]

He dislikes goblins, getting offended when Sparkle Cadet calls him a "denomigoblin".[2]

He does not care about hygiene. He drinks water from the Creek[3] and uses his mouth to filter out the cereal from milk to make a snack for other kids in "Afterschool Snackdown". He also tried to trade Kit his fingernails.

He seems to be shunned by other kids, as most people are visibly uncomfortable around him. It’s possible this loneliness caused him to make his imaginary mud friend Creekie.[4]

Despite the fact that he doesn’t have very many friends, he’s polite to most people and even saved Craig from getting hypothermia. He thinks of himself as a beloved member of the creek, despite the other children being visibly appalled.

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  • Roger may be a reference to Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
  • He seems to be legally missing, as seen on a poster in the background of Lost & Found.


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