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"Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers" is the 3rd episode of the second season of Craig of the Creek and the 43rd episode overall.


Craig discovers that the Honeysuckle Rangers have snuck into his side of the Creek to steal his most prized possession.


The episode starts with Craig at the entrance of the Sewer, and drawing a portion of his map the Honeysuckle Rangers tore apart in the episode "Jessica's Trail". The Sewer Queen is confused as to why he is doing this, but Craig explains what happened.

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Later, at the Trading Tree, while Kelsey and J.P. are debating with Kit, Bobby informs Craig that "some kids" are looking for him, with "capes and flowers pinned to them". With Craig realizing that they are the Honeysuckle Rangers (Raj and Shawn), he informs Bobby about the things he told to them. Bobby informs Craig that he "knows all the secrets" and that "you usually hang out at the Stump". Craig throws Bobby's candy down out of anger and hurries to the Stump. Kelsey and J.P. follow him.

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When the stump kids goes to the Stump, they hide once they spot the Honeysuckle Rangers lurking in the area. While hiding, Craig talks about his experience with the Honeysuckle Rangers. Soon, the Honeysuckle Rangers discover that the Stump can be entered by removing Craig's camouflage lid, and then they start searching for the map, amongst various objects inside; but when it is dinner time, they stop their search and leave. However, they plan on returning the next day.

Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. go to the Overpass to ask the Green Poncho about the King the Honeysuckle Rangers were talking about. Once the Green Poncho hears about the Honeysuckle Rangers, he starts narrating about who the King is, the ruler of the Other Side of the Creek. He dictates everything that happens in the other side of the Creek. Realizing that the Honeysuckle Rangers are up to no good, Craig devises a fake map to give them.

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Once the Honeysuckle Rangers arrive at the Stump, Craig gives the map to them. However, Craig realizes that he gave the real map to the Honeysuckle Rangers, forcing him, along with Kelsey and J.P., to chase after them in order to switch the real map with the fake one. In the Sewer, the Stump Kids split up, and Craig finds the Honeysuckle Rangers. Craig opens up a pack of coconut biscuit to lure Raj, but it causes Raj and Shawn to argue. Shawn reminds Raj about the banquet incident and how it upset the King. Raj explains that he missed lunch due to a dentist appointment and started eating. Shawn attempted to cover for him, but wound up equally upsetting him. The purpose behind taking Craig's map is to fix their relationship with the King.

Throughout their exchange, Craig struggles to swap the real map with the fake one, but eventually succeeds.

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At the same time, he grows sympathetic to the situation that they are in. The two reconcile their argument, and leave through the pipe. Afterwards, the Sewer Kids put a blockade in the pipe after Craig notifies them that it is being used as an entrance to the Other Side. The episode ends with Craig hoping that the Honeysuckle Rangers will still be alright, while regretting his decision to swap the maps and potentially further ruining the friendship between the Honeysuckle Rangers and the King.







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