Raj is a secondary character, a part of the Honeysuckle Rangers along with his assumedly close friend, Shawn.    


Raj has brown dark, chocolate hair and burnt-sienna skin. His face flaunts a near-constant blush and he is thinner, as well as a bit taller, than his Ranger counterpart, Shawn.

Like Shawn, he wears a lemon-yellow, spandex-like poncho that cuts off at his forearm. His poncho bares a simple daisy insignia in its center. Under his poncho, he has white sleeves that extend past his wrists. Finally, he wears a pair of long, lime-green pants.


When first introduced to Raj, he was seen as courteous and generous during his first encounter with Craig in Jessica's Trail. Raj can also possibly be naive since he stated that he and Shawn were awesome and that when he told Craig that "We're all friends here." Referring to the kids of The Creek.

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