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This article is about the fictional video game and franchise. You may be looking for the episode the game debuts in.

Power Punchers is a fighting video game franchise created by CapNK Ltd. The Williams own a copy of the first entry in the series, simply titled Power Punchers, which was released in 1997.




  • Samurai
  • Admiral Anchor
  • Puppercut
  • Kid Jammer

Episode appearances


  • The first game's start screen lists the developer as CapNK, a portmanteau of the real companies Capcom and SNK.
  • Power Punchers may be based on Power Stone for the Sega Dreamcast. The logo designs and fighter select screens are very similar.
  • The console the first game is played on seems to resemble a Nintendo GameCube, as do the controllers, but the GameCube was not released until 2001.