Speaker Dialogue
(The episode starts with Jessica walking into her house, just coming home from school.)
Jessica Ahh! Finally, we're home.
Craig (Shoves past her through the door.) Out of the way!
Jessica Ahh!
(Craig hurriedly sprints up the stairs to his room.)
Craig Hmm.
(Craig slams the door behind him.)
Craig School clothes -- deactivate! (Tosses backpack off.) [Grunts] Come on! Get off! (Tosses shirt off.) Creek clothes -- activate!
(Craig retrieves his shirt and hoodie and equips them.)
Craig Hoodie armor! With level 7 protection against thorns -- and brisk autumn mornings.
(Craig retrieves his purse and hangs it over his shoulder.)
Craig The Purse of Holding! For holding stuff like... (Pulls out pocket mirror.) This thing! I can see behind myself. Cool!
(Craig then opens his closet and retrieves his staff.)
Craig And, finally, the Staff of Grandad's House, forged... from the banister I got my head stuck in two summers past.
[Two summers ago...]
Grandad Well, no more "roly" shoes in the house.
(Craig's grandad saws the banister off with a handsaw and hands it to Craig.)
Craig Huh?
Grandad We'll tell grandma the dog did it. [Winks.]
Sewer Queen I see, you were trying to take pictures of us. Why? To show the world how weird we are?! Well, are we so weird just because we have... [shows her foot.] Webbed toes!?!
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