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Omar, formerly known as the Green Poncho, is a 12-year-old Creek Kid who guarded the Overpass until Xavier was overthrown. After the Other Side of the Creek was no more, he joined the Stump Kids.

Physical appearance

Omar has brown skin and long black dreads, which covers his eyes. He wears a green pilot poncho with a hood, bandages on his legs, and red sandals. He has a bow on his back.


As the Green Poncho, Omar was a lonely, quiet kid who spent his days watching over the overpass, stopping Xavier's forces from passing through to the other side. Because the overpass is far away from most of Creek society, Omar had little interaction with the kids he protected. The Stump Kids were the first Creek Kids to really get to know him, but even that took months, and he didn't fully open up until the revolt against Xavier.

Omar was much more outgoing before he became the Green Poncho. Before Xavier ruled the Other Side of the Creek, Omar and Maya were good friends.


Omar used to hang out with Maya a lot. They saved Xavier from being stuck in a tree, and Omar, Xavier, and Maya became friends. Xavier later made Omar fight Maya for being his Best Friend Forever or BFF. Omar won, but he turned down the role of Best Friend because he felt used. Omar ran away and was taken in by the First Green Poncho. Maya wanted to reconcile with Omar, so she met up with him and asked him to serve Xavier. Omar turned down the offer but was saved by the First Green Poncho. However, when Xavier threatened to tell Randy her true identity, the First Green Poncho quits. Omar went on to 'change for better', wearing the poncho, training himself, and became tougher.

Episode appearances



Omar and Maya used to be close friends in the days before The King's rule. Sadly, their friendship was destroyed when the newly crowned Xavier had the two fight each other for the title of BFF.

In "Capture the Flag Part 5: The Game", the two share a moment of clarity after Maya fails to get the flag to her side and win the game, but Maya disappears before any real reconciliation can be made.


Though Xavier took a liking to Maya and Omar after they saved him from being stuck in a tree, Xavier didn't seem to truly become their friend. He was annoyed when they shared their inside jokes, and when Omar turned down the role of BFF, Xavier attempted to have his guards trap him in the Maze.


Omar and Randy seemed to be friendly towards each other when Omar was still friends with Xavier.

Craig Williams

Although he and Craig were allies, they didn't really open up with each other until "Into the Overpast". Since then, Craig and Omar have been more casual, talking about non-other-side things like pineapple pizza.

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Mortimor Pokoly


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