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Mortimor is Kelsey's pet bird. He is almost always seen on top of Kelsey's head.

Kelsey has had many other pet budgerigars, as seen in the pet cemetery scene in the pilot episode. Mortimor is also called her 'trusty falcon' by Kelsey. Kelsey is Mortimor's owner and when Kelsey needs her trusty bird he know she can whistle to call him.

Physical Appearance

He is a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), a species of parrot commonly known as a parakeet. He is male, as evidenced by the blue cere above his beak.


Mortimor's seen to be obedient to Kelsey, as he's seen in the first episode when Kelsey's teaching Mortimor to peck out the brains of her enemies, and Mortimor complied efficiently. And when Mortimor has to do something well, Kelsey gives him some bird seed.

Episode Appearances


  • The name Mortimor is of French origin. It is a rare variant of "Mortimer", which translates to "dead sea" (a stagnant lake).
  • Kelsey mentions that she has had 47 Mortimors in her life, and visits a grave site with Craig and J.P. in the Pilot. She also says this one was the only one who understood her in the episode Wildernessa.
    • In that episode, Kelsey says that he is her favorite out of the 37 birds she's had. This is more likely the real number since the pilot is not canon.
  • Sometimes, Mortimor hides in Kelsey's hair bun, with his wings showing through her hair.
    • Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer. Mortimor sitting beside Kelsey's ponytailed may be a subtle reference to Mickey's iconic silhouette.
  • he doesn't appear in is "Sparkle Cadet" and "Craig of the Beach".
  • Mortimor's name is frequently misspelled as "Mortimer", but the spelling is confirmed by credits in episodes where Mortimor has lines.
    • The storyboard artist and writer Charmaine Verhagen was unaware of the spelling of his name until the episode "Mortimor to the Rescue" was revealed.[1]
    • Mortimor's name is frequently misspelled "Mortimer" in captions.
    • The mini-game "Camp Cardboard" in Cartoon Network Arcade has a decorative item that is a flag shaped like Mortimor, but it is spelled "Mortimer" instead in the item name.


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