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Mortimor Pokoly is Kelsey Pokoly's pet budgerigar. Kelsey has previously owned dozens of birds also named Mortimor that are now deceased, but she proclaims her current Mortimor to be her favorite. He is voiced by Noël Wells, who also voices Kelsey.

Physical appearance

Mortimor's yellow and green feathers cover nearly his entire body, leaving only his bright orange beak and feet, light blue cere, and black eyes visible. Though he appears round, most of the volume is in his feathers, making him very light.


Mortimor cares deeply about Kelsey. He tries to protect her from what he sees as threats, such as the cicada that gets trapped with him and the Stump Kids. He empathizes with her easily, sometimes accidentally exposing her true feelings against her will. He is surprisingly intelligent, seemingly understanding when others are making fun of him or Kelsey. Though he is attached to Kelsey, he is understanding when she has to leave him behind. He is sometimes intimidated by her, such as when she mentions her past Mortimors.

Episode appearances


  • In "Alternate Creekiverse", Mortimor is a mouse, referencing Mickey Mouse's original name, Mortimer.
  • The name Mortimor is of French origin. It is a rare variant of "Mortimer", which translates to "dead sea" (a stagnant lake).
  • Kelsey has reported different numbers of Mortimors she's had in her life.
    • In the pilot, Kelsey visits the Pet Cemetery with Craig and J.P., where she claims 46 of her former birds are buried.
      • In the cemetery, 49 gravestones are adorned with a feather colored identically to Mortimor.
    • In "Wildernessa", Kelsey says that he is her favorite out of the 37 birds she's had.
  • Mortimor's name is frequently misspelled as "Mortimer", even by Cartoon Network and show staff.
    • Storyboard artist/writer and director Charmaine Verhagen was unaware of the spelling of his name until the episode "Mortimor to the Rescue" was revealed.[1]
      • Because of this, his name was misspelled on J.P.'s cast in "Jextra Perrestrial", and in storyboards for the episode.
    • Almost all captions spell his name this way.
    • Some model sheets spell Mortimor's name with an E.
    • The mini-game "Camp Cardboard" in Cartoon Network Arcade has a decorative item that is a flag shaped like Mortimor, but it is spelled "Mortimer" instead in the item name.
  • Mortimor has eaten Choco Rolls on multiple occasions, even though chocolate is poisonous to most birds.
  • Mortimor has appeared in all but ten episodes, those being "Sparkle Cadet", "Craig of the Beach", "I Don't Need a Hat", "Winter Break", "Snow Place Like Home", "Welcome to Creek Street", "Fan or Foe", "The New Jersey", "The Dream Team" and "Scoutguest" .


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