Mortimer is a pet bird that belongs to Kelsey. He is always seen atop Kelsey's head. Kelsey has had many other pet budgerigars, as seen in the pet cemetery scene in the pilot episode. Mortimer is also called 'trusty falcon' by Kelsey. Kelsey is Mortimer owner and when Kelsey need his trusty bird he know she can wistle from his mouth.

Physical Appearance

He is a Budgerigar, which is a species of parakeet. He is a male, because of the blue cere above his beak.


Mortimer is seen to be obedient to Kelsey, as seen in the first  episode when Kelsey is teaching Mortimer to peck out the brains of her enemies, and Mortimer complied efficiently. And when Mortimer have to do something good Kelsey give hime some bird treat seeds for short


Episode Appearances


  • The name Mortimer is of French origin. In French the meaning of the name Mortimer is: Dead sea (a stagnant lake).
  • Kelsey mentions that she has had 47 Mortimers in her life, and visits a grave site with Craig and J.P. in the Pilot. She also says this one was the only one who understood her, in the episode Wildernessa.
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