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"Monster in the Garden" is the 9th episode of the first season of Craig of the Creek and the 9th episode overall.


Craig is determined to catch the monster that has been wreaking havoc in Granddad's garden.


The Williams family is on a road trip in their family van. Craig asks his mom and dad when they will arrive at his grandparents' house, while

Monster in the Garden (23).png

in a video call with Kelsey and J.P. talking about what they will do over the weekend. When they arrive, Nicole and Duane get out of the van and greet Jojo. Jessica sprints over and hugs her. Bernard then hugs her, but Craig pushes him away so he can exchange hugs with his grandma. He then runs sprints to the garden to say hi

Monster in the Garden (41).png

to his grandpa, Earl. When he enters the garden, Earl shows him that something has been eating his eggplants, radishes, and corn. They head to the workshop to brainstorm ideas for protecting the crops. Meanwhile, Jojo explains to Jessica that she's sending letters to her constituents. Jessica feigns ignorance of the meaning of the word, calling them "constipated". After this, Jojo


advises Bernard on properly making cookies.

In the workshop, Craig is amazed by all the equipment, and asks about Earl's seismometer. Earl explains what it's used for and that it was a retirement gift from the factory he used to work at. They then start working on his project by drawing a map. Craig starts by

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drawing his house and a supermarket, but then he starts adding Florida, and Europe, prompting Earl to redirect him to just drawing a map of the garden. He pulls the sheet of paper further and then begins drawing the backyard. Craig's first idea is a moat filled with piranhas, but Earl thinks the piranhas might eat the vegetables, so Craig suggests build a fence. Earl is more open to this idea because he has plenty of material. Craig and Earl go out to the garden to build the fence. Craig places the posts all at different angles, and Earl helps him fix them. Then they put the wiring and the door, finishing building the fence. That night, Jessica and Bernard look through a photo album with their grandma, talking about a picture of her participating in a civil rights protest, and when he married Earl. Meanwhile, Craig is in

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the kitchen, thinking about the safety of the crops.

The next morning, Craig and his grandpa head to the garden, and are shocked to see his sweet potatoes ravaged and the fence destroyed. Grandpa and Craig wonder who could have eaten the vegetables. Craig concludes that it must have been a vegan werewolf, explaining his reasoning. Earl goes along with the idea, but he hurts his hip and asks Craig to get grandma. Jojo brings Earl to the couch, where he laments not being able to be active in his old age. Jojo tries to lighten the mood

The Deer

by looking at old photos of Earl when he had nice hair. Alone, Craig sets out to find who or what ate the vegetables, and goes to the workshop to gather paper and glue to make a trap around the garden. That night, Craig lies on the couch and video chats with Kelsey and J.P., telling them what happened to his grandfather's garden. Suddenly, Craig hears a sound coming from the garden and leaves to find out what it is. He sees a dark figure and chases after it, falling into his own trap and losing sight of the culprit. He calls his grandma for help.

The next morning, Craig eats cereal while talking with his grandparents. Jojo gives him an idea, so he leaves for the workshop and draws up his plan: sit by the garden and wait while eating some cookies. When he runs out of cookies, he falls asleep, but wakes when

Monster in the Garden (259).png

he hears a rustling sound. He slowly walks into the garden, discovering that a deer was eating the vegetables. Craig trips over a rock, causing him to fall which scares the deer. The deer runs away pursued by Craig through several yards. The deer tries to escape through a hole in the fence, but it does not fit, so Craig pushes it through.

Monster in the Garden (269).png

The next morning, Jojo, Earl, Jessica and Craig meet in the yard where the hole is located. Jojo tells the woman whose fence is broken that she will call someone to check for more holes in the fence, while Earl fixes the hole temporarily and thanks Craig for solving the mystery. Earl and Jojo wave goodbye to the kids while Craig speaks on video call with Kelsey and JP, ending the episode.





  • This is the first episode where Kelsey and J.P. don't play a major role.



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