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Adult characters on Craig of the Creek who have no major roles and are too insignificant to have their own pages.

Amanda Mercer



Craig of the Beach (219).png

A man sets his towel down on top of the X marking the buried treasure the Stump Kids find in "Craig of the Beach". He falls asleep instantly, so Kelsey tries to push him off, but fails. Jessica runs by with her chips, pursued by seagulls, and Craig takes the bag and throws it at the beachgoer, causing him to disappear in the flock of birds.


Sunday Clothes (139.5).png

Bobby is Paintball Mike and Paintball Benny's older cousin. In "Sunday Clothes", Mike and Benny argue about the ethics of involving first and second-grade kids in the Paintball War. Benny, who recruited 1st grade soldiers, believes it unfair to let Bobby play because he is an adult. Mike and Benny offend Bobby by overestimating his age and then saying "it's too late for [him]".

Bobby's father

Trick or Creek (447).png

Bobby's father takes Bobby trick-or-treating in "Trick or Creek". After Bobby finishes trick-or-treating, he takes him home.


The Shortcut (195).png

Burl (credited as "Old Man Burl") is Evelyn's husband and Kit's grandfather. When Kit visits Evelyn in "The Shortcut", Burl asks Evelyn if he can have a backgammon board to play with some friends. Evelyn trades the board in exchange for some mints and hard candies. He soon discovers that the trade did not include dice to play backgammon with. He is voiced by co-creator Ben Levin.


Carol is J.P.'s next-door neighbor.

Mrs. Grayson



The Curse (230).png

Glen is Tabitha's father. He is voiced by co-creator Ben Levin.

Ice cream vendor

Craig of the Beach (204).png

A man sells ice cream from a cart at the beach the Stump Kids visit in "Craig of the Beach". Initially, Kelsey and J.P. believe that he is giving away free ice cream. When they get closer to his cart, they realize that he is selling dairy-free ice cream, disappointing them. They later buy ice cream from him after finding the "buried treasure" hidden by Duane.

He later appears in "Trick or Creek", when Kelsey shows up at his window and demands candy from him. He runs off frightened.

The ice cream vendor actually first appears in "Wildernessa" where it is shown that he has a dog.

J.P.'s teacher


J.P.'s guidance counselor


John Mercer


Kelsey's mother

Kelsey's mother is deceased. She passed a few years after Kelsey's birth. Kelsey first mentions her in "The Takeout Mission". She left Kelsey a small library of books and read bedtime stories to her. Kelsey's favorite bedtime story was Say Good Knight. She has not been depicted in the series. Kelsey mentions her again in "Alone Quest".

Kelsey's grandmother

Kelsey mentions her grandmother in "Doorway to Helen". Her grandmother taught her how to read cursive. She has not been depicted in the series.

Kelsey's great-uncle

Kelsey mentions her great-uncle in "Winter Break" saying that she's going to spend the break with him at his retirement home.


Lola is the Sewer Queen's grandmother. She appears in "Sink or Swim Team". Lola translates to ''grandmother'', her name is unknown.

In the family pictures in the Sewer Queen's house, a picture an old man appears beside her, presumably her husband, and Eileen's Lolo, it is assumed he has passed away based on the context clues that they are no longer shown together.



Piper appears in the episode "Kelsey the Worthy". She appears in the intro, when young Kelsey selects a PVC pipe for her to make a sword from. Later, when the Stump Kids need a bucket of paint for Craig's living room wall, Kelsey approaches her and offers her a bag of chips so that she can pay for it. Piper refuses the chips, but pays for the paint anyways, on the basis that Kelsey has respect for PVC.

Piper's name is a play on PVC pipes. She is voiced by Kimberly Hébert Gregory.


Shannon is a counselor at the camp from which Roxie ran away in "Camper on the Run". She mistakes the Stump Kids for environmentalists trying to protect a tree when they get glued to each other around the Stump, so she doesn't help them. She is voiced by Zehra Fazal.

Camper 46.png

Mr. Schulman





Tina is Bernard, Craig, Jessica, Bryson, and Jasmine's aunt. In "Craig of the Car", Bernard reminds Craig that their parents didn't want him to wear informal clothes, like his creek clothes or a scuba suit, to Tina's house for the holidays.

Craig promises J.P. and Kelsey he'll get Tina to invite them to her next wedding in "The Ice Pop Trio: Creek Street".

It is unclear, but Tina is most likely Nicole's sister, as suggested by the stories Nicole told to Craig in "Fort Williams".

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