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"Memories of Bobby" is the 1st episode of the second season of Craig of the Creek and the 41st episode overall.


When a pillar of the creek community leaves, the trio mourns their loss by remembering the good times.


The episode begins with a "funeral" of sorts for Bobby, held by Priest Kid-- although it is made clear he's alive when he reaches down to grab a dropped piece of candy. Members of the audience cry, including Kit and J.P., of which Kit states he was "her best customer--he bought so much candy!" and J.P. bawling and saying he doesn't want Bobby to go. Kelsey and Craig end up having to drag J.P. over to Bobby for the candy offerings, and then away from Bobby afterwards.

When the Stump Kids return to their stump, we see that J.P., in a bout of grief, stole Bobby's memorial photo from the funeral. They sit in silence and think of the memories they had with Bobby. None of the first two memories had Bobby as an important role (rather he just appears after all the action, trips over, and says "My candy!" as usual), and J.P.'s memory, where the Stump Kids and Bobby performed a parody of "Candy" by the band Cameo titled "His Candy", never even actually happened.

After Stump Kids realise they had no memory in which Bobby played any important role, Craig hears Bobby droping candy and saying "My Candy!", so he and his friends climb out of stump to investigate and see Bobby on ground. Kelsey first thinks he is a ghost, but Craig reassures her and asks Bobby if he wants to play hide and seek with them, which he accepts. But shortly after Craig starts counting, Mackenzey comes and tells Craig that Maney is stuck in quick mud, so they go to rescue her, leaving Bobby inside a bush, where he starts eating candies, and then the episode ends.







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