he is mentioned after Toman and before Abby about 1m42s into the Creek Kid Rap.

Matreya is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek . Together with Abby and other children he hangs out with, he enjoys climbing.


Maitreya seems to be about 2 or 3 years older than Craig. It has a skin color similar to Craig, long brown hair and small eyes. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, green shorts, with side pockets and red sandals. It has a light blue bracelet on the right arm. He also hangs a blue backpack with green strips and on his waist he has a golden climbing equipment.


Due to his short time on screen, not much is known about his personality. However, it seems that only he and Abby were climbing the moment Craig and his friends arrived. He is kind, calm and patient. He has no problem teaching Craig how to climb and encourages him not to be afraid. Enjoy climbing with his friends from the group they belong to called "The Climbers"

However, despite being very good at climbing, he can fail and fall off the rock he climbs, although Abby rescues him.



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