Marie is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek. She is a member of the Horse Girls and appears to be the least enthusiastic among them about horses.


She has peach skin and light brown hair in a ponytail, and wears a gray hoodie with purple polka dot pants and white sneakers.


Marie behaves the least enthusiastic about horses, and does not seem to believe that playing horses is as fun as the other Horse Girls do. She likes basketball, as seen in "The Final Book". She believes that horses are fine, but she is not obsessed with them, and she is in the group primarily for her friends. She shirks horse exercises.



  • She is the least enthusiastic about horses in the Horse Girl group.
  • In the episode "Jpony" when Maney mentions "JP isn't ready for the horse course, it takes weeks of training, he's only been a horse for one day, I don't even know if Marie has even..." and Marie hisses "Sh!" and holds a finger to her lips, glaring at Maney, implying she hadn't completed the course herself and did not want Melissa made aware of that.


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