Mangerine, known by her nickname Maney, is a girl who first appears in the episode, "The Final Book. She is a group member of the Horse Girls. Much like the rest of her friends, she is very obsessed with horses. She is a friend of Kelsey, and has a crush on J.P.


She appears to have dark, tan-peach skin and long, black hair, as if she has a mane. She wears a sky blue short sleeve shirt with an image of a giraffe on it, and wears magenta leggings with white boots. On her head she wears a white horse ear headband with pink inner ears.


She seems to be the calm one of the group. She is kind and inclusive, and helps her friends when needed. She Likes to pretend to be Kelsey's war horse by giving her piggyback rides. It is also revealed in the episode Jpony that she has a secret crush on J.P.


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