Mackenzie is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek. She is the leader of the Horse Girls.


Mackenzie has peach skin with freckles and blonde hair in a ponytail with a blue hairclip. She is the shortest of the Horse Girls. She wears a white shirt with the image of a horse on it, and also wears pink pants with blue cowboy boots She has a gap between her teeth.


Mackenzie loves horses and thinks she knows everything about them. Being the "leader" of the Horse Girls, she is sometimes bossy but it's only because she wants the other Horse Girls to reach their full horse potential. She gets mad easily, and that may be because she is insecure.



  • She has a red saddle bag that she claims her dad brought back from Paris.
    • She claims her dad bought it from a horse named Croissant.
  • She is the best of the Horse Girls at dressage.
  • She does not get along with Handlebarb.
  • In The Invitation she brings a bag of oats as her appetizer.
    • She has a "daily oat regiment".


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