Kit is a recurring character of Craig of the Creek.


She has brown skin, dark brown braided pigtails with a widow's peak and wears glasses. She wears a light blue shirt. She also wears a keychain around her neck, with five different keys on it (their exact purpose is unknown). Although in The Trading Tree there is a yellow locker and a file cabinet that contain supplies, that only explain two keys.


Kit is a very smart girl. Most of the time, she is seen being a vendor who sells certain things to any person who visits her shop if they have something to trade with her. She does this at The Trading Tree. She accepts everything as currency except for rocks and Bitcoin. She is very interested in trading, as seen in "Under the Overpass". She even says that trading is "her love interest" and she accompanies Craig and his friends to explore the overpass to take many honeysuckle plants because they sell well.



  • In the episode You're It, she licks some batteries and electricity is seen in her tongue.


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