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Kitherine[1], usually Kit, is the proprietor of the Trading Tree. She first appeared in "Itch to Explore", and is voiced by Dana Davis.

Physical appearance

She has brown skin, dark brown braided pigtails with a widow's peak and wears glasses. She wears a light blue shirt. She also wears a keychain around her neck with five different keys on it. Only two of the keys' purpose is known: the lockers storing goods at the tree.


Kit is a very smart girl. Most of the time, she acts as a trader, exchanging various goods for snacks and toys. She accepts everything as currency except for rocks and Bitcoin. She even says that trading is "her love interest". She spends hours and goes on adventures to find new things to trade, even venturing to the Other Side of the Creek while it was ruled by Xavier.

Another side of her personality is that she is very sarcastic and loves to mess with others as shown in "Jessica Goes to the Creek", when Jason demands she give him Choco Rolls, saying that the 'safety of the creek depends on it' she responds by sarcastically stating that she guesses they're all going to die because she just sold the last ones to Craig.

Later on in the series, she begins to take her trading business way more seriously and won't hesitate to ban anyone from the Trading Tree if she isn't paid back for any ruined merchandise or any traded snacks or drinks, as shown in "Trading Day" and "Trick or Creek".

She is even known to have certain strategies in the trade business, such as distracting a bunch of feral cats with a can of tuna and creating ways to deal with tough traders, such as Yustice.

She may be sneaky somewhat, as she traded her dad's car for Red Velvet Choco Rolls.

Episode appearances


  1. The Shortcut (197).png
    Name signed on Kit's homework sheet in "The Shortcut"


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