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King Xavier is the ruler of the Other Side of the Creek.

His presence was alluded to in the episode "Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers", before he made his debut in the special "The Other Side".

After his sister leaves the creek, he takes over in her place as ruler.


He is a youthful teen with dark brown skin, large blue eyes and spiky brown hair, added with a daisy insignia as his crown. He wears a blue shirt, with navy blue jeans and socks, a ring pop on his right finger, and a heavy blue jacket with white ruffles as his robe. He bears the Mark of the Mill on his right palm.


The King is shown to be a happy-go-lucky, benevolent, and upbeat person when he interacts with his closest subjects. However, he shows less empathy for lower ranked subjects like the Honeysuckle Rangers, Raj and Shawn, and even rudely dismissing them after they gave him the Map of the Creek.

He is also callous, egotistical, and self-centered towards all the kids of the Creek that are lower in status than him. He is also shown his love in conquering other places and expanding his empire in the Creek. He also sees the kids on the Other Side of the Creek as "monsters" for unknown reasons, so far.

However, he also shows a softer and more generous side, such as providing toy balls to any kid in need, and providing candy to kids whose parents won't let them have sugar, such as letting a "rando" have 3 basketballs. The king seems to be sadistic and has joy in seeing people get hurt.

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