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"Kelsey the Worthy" is the 31st episode of the second season and the 71st episode overall of Craig of the Creek.


When Kelsey demolishes a wall at Craig's house, her father takes away her sword. So she enlists Craig and J.P. to help prove to her father that she's still worthy.


The episode starts in the past, where Kelsey's father takes her to Big Boy Roy's Lumber Shack hardware store. Kelsey selects the type of PVC for her sword before watchng a woman craft it. Afterwards, Kelsey is knighted by her father, who trusts that she will use her sword justly and responsibly.

Afterwards, the episode cuts to Kelsey in the present, where she is jumping on Craig's sofa in his living room. She is jumping underneath a rotating fan while Craig and J.P throw pillows at her.

Her sword gets stuck in the fan and she spins around. Afterwards, she falls off and her sword lands in the living room wall. This creates a hole in the wall, and as Kelsey is sliding to the ground, the hole becomes a tear. Craig's mother enters the room and notices.

The scene cuts to Kelsey in her family kitchen, where her father is disappointed in her. He confiscates her sword by placing it above the refrigerator. She may only have her sword back when she demonstrates responsibility.

The next morning, Craig wakes up and discovers Kelsey in his room. Her father volunteered to fix the wall in the morning, to which Craig's mother is irritated by.

At the creek, the Stump Kids figure out a way to get Kelsey's sword back. They decide to put Kelsey to three challenges and if she passes all three, will be awarded a certificate of worthiness.

Her first challenge is to read a Slide the Ferret comic and figure out who the villain is. After reading the first page, she comes to the conclusion that Slide is the villain, to which Craig objects. However, Kelsey passes the challenge by stating that a character's name in the title does not assume that the protagonist is a hero.

Her second challenge is to eat a bag of Molten Crunchies without drinking water. She easily passes this challenge.

Her third challenge is to differentiate the real J.P from the fake J.P, which is merely a mirror. Nonetheless, Kelsey passes the challenge by asking both J.Ps a complicated multiplication problem, to which mirror J.P. answers correctly. Thus, Kelsey exposes the fake J.P. by revealing that the real J.P's favorite subject is dinosaur history.

Upon passing the final challenge, Craig presents her with a certificate of worthiness, to which her father is unimpressed by. Her father states that she does not understand what responsibility is, and her certificate does not demonstrate this.

Afterwards, Kelsey decides to fix the wall herself. She, Craig, and J.P. go to the hardware store to get the paint. Unable to pay for it, she approaches a nearby worker and offers her a bag of chips in exchange for the paint. However, this worker is the woman from the beginning of the episode. She decides to pay for the paint anyways, given Kelsey's respect for PVC.

Returning to Craig's living room, she does a poor job of fixing the wall. Her father is unimpressed by her attempt at fixing it. Regardless, for at least trying to repair it, he will return her sword to her, when the wall is properly fixed.

The episode ends with Craig's mother entering the room and thinking that Kelsey's father is responsible for the poor job on the wall, to which Craig tells him to run.






  • Kelsey is seen choosing a PVC for her sword which was first mentioned in "Jextra Perrestrial".
  • Craig signs his name on the Certificate of Worthitude as "Craigory Williams". It is unknown if this is his legal name or just a gag. He also calls himself Craigory while roleplaying as a wizard.
  • The comic Slide the Ferret is a reference to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
    • Slide's pose is nearly identical to Sonic's pose on the box art of Sonic Adventure.
    • Dr. Robomelette is a parody of Dr. Robotnik.
    • Slide says "Unh-unh-unh!" while wagging his finger, just like Sonic.
    • Slide's spin dash is identical to Sonic's.
    • Slide "goes fast", according to Craig, as Sonic does.
  • Slide also looks somewhat like the titular character of the Crash Bandicoot franchise.
  • "Molten Crunchies" are likely a reference to the real life "Flamin' Hot Cheetos".
  • Craig references his role as main protagonist of the show by stating "if a character's name is in the title, they're always the good guy."


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