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"Kelsey the Author" is the 11th episode of the second season of Craig of the Creek and the 51st episode overall.


Craig and Stacks help Kelsey become a real author turning her story into a book.


The episode starts in Kelsey's home, where she finishes her novel, Robyn and the Snow Sword. In particular, she rewrites one line of detail to make it sound more interesting.

At the Herkleton Library, she reads her book to Craig, J.P, and Stacks. Craig and J.P. like the book, but Stacks loves it. Kelsey hopes to become a real author, but Craig believes that she can be a real author now.

They decide to publish the book themselves. Craig makes the cover art while Kelsey does a photoshoot. After finishing the book, Stacks is speechless, but before her book can be put on library shelves, Stacks puts barcodes on the books to get them in circulation.

They spot a girl walking through the aisles and Craig pulls a string to drop a copy of Kelsey's book to the ground. She decides to check it out, making the others anxiously wait for Harold to scan the books. The barcode successfully checks and the group must now wait for kids to read the book.

Some time passes, and the group finds out that Danny and Scooter Girl read her book. Kelsey wants to introduce herself to them, but Craig and J.P do it for her. They find out that they do not like the book. Rather, they ridicule it for sounding like a boring poem. Craig attempts to convince them that the book has merit, but fails.

Kelsey cries out of shame and humiliation, but Stacks attempts to console her. However, Kelsey does not want anybody else reading her book or ridiculing it, so they find every copy of the book so that they can destroy it, but there is one they have not found. It is sitting on top of a bin of books, and in order to retrieve it, they have to sneak past Harold.

The others distract Harold while Kelsey goes to retrieve the last copy. She jumps into the bin of DVDs before jumping into the bin containing her book. She grabs the book and jumps back into the DVD bin, but knocks it down and tips it over, which alerts Harold.

Harold takes all four kids into the breakroom and orders them to surrender their library cards. Stacks is particularly upset. However, Kelsey pleads him not to punish her friends, given that she is the author of the book, but Harold wonders what he will do about the copies of Para Llamar Mi Propia Estrella. Kelsey does not recognize these books; rather, they were written by Isabella Alvarado. Stacks reveals that she authored the book. Stacks was so inspired by Kelsey's book, she decided to finish her own. She was hoping that Kelsey would find the book on her own and read it to wonder who the author is. Kelsey is delighted over this.

Nonetheless, Harold proceeds with cutting their library cards anyways, but Craig stops him. Craig says that they cannot be stopped. The books that they write will influence other young authors to write their own books. This will force Harold to track down every copy that they produce; thus, he will not succeed. Harold realizes the implications of his plan, and returns their library cards back to them, but he wonders how he will manage books written by kids, for kids.

He and the kids create a Young Author's Collection section in the library. Craig thinks he too will publish his own book, an atlas of the creek. J.P also wants to write his own book, named Robbie and the Frost Blade. Kelsey and Stacks are flattered by his rip-off, and the episode ends with the girls happy over their success, just before a girl nearby takes Kelsey's book off the shelf.







  • The title card uses the same font as Harry Potter.
  • A library book on one of the shelves is titled War and Keesh, referencing War and Peace.



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