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Kelsey Pokoly is a short eight-year-old[1] girl who is the deuteragonist of Craig of the Creek. She is best friends with Craig and J.P. She is passionate about heroism and literature. She has a pet budgerigar named Mortimor that accompanies her nearly everywhere, usually standing on her head. She is currently voiced by Noël Wells.

Physical appearance

Kelsey is fairly short when compared to her friends Craig and J.P. She has peach skin, ankle-length ginger hair tied into a large bun at the back of her head, brown eyes (which is first shown in the special "Winter Break") and thick, dark red eyebrows. Mortimor often sits in her hair.

Kelsey wears a blue-gray T-shirt with a heart on it and pink shorts. She wears blue boots. She wears a large purple cape.


Kelsey is very dramatic, often narrating her life as though she were in a play or biographical film.

Kelsey is an avid reader and aspiring author. She reads young adult books well above an eight-year-old's reading level, such as her favorite series, The Trials of Trebulon. She bonds with Stacks over their favorite books, forming a book club together in "Secret Book Club". She wrote her own novel titled Robyn and the Snow Sword and "published" it in "Kelsey the Author".

Kelsey can be reckless sometimes. Kelsey also sometimes doesn't consider people's feelings and doesn't think before she acts.

She does not like being filmed on camera.


A Sword is Forged.png

Kelsey always carries her sword with her, formed from a cardboard handle and a cut of PVC pipe. It is a gift from her father, and holds high sentimental value to her.

In "The Other Side", Kelsey's sword was destroyed by Maya. She mentions in "Camper on the Run" that she had a new sword made since then.

In "Kelsey the Worthy", it is shown that her sword was forged even before she adopted her current bird Mortimor, cut by Piper at Big Boy Roy's Lumber Shack.

Episode appearances


  • Kelsey is one of two characters to be recast within the series, the other being Kit's dad.
    • Earl and Jessica were recast between the pilot and series.
  • In "The Invitation", Kelsey revealed the only dish she knew how to make was the Hungarian dish chicken paprikash, suggesting she is of Hungarian heritage.
  • In "Doorway to Helen", Kelsey refers to her grandmother as her bubbe, indicating she may be Jewish. This is further supported by a 2021 tweet on the Cartoon Network Twitter account celebrating Passover.[2]
  • Kelsey (along with Mortimor) makes a cameo in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode "Crossover Nexus" as one of the Cartoon Network heroes that were summoned and turned to stone by Strike.[3]
  • Thus far, Kelsey has four episodes with her name in the title; those being "Kelsey Quest," "Kelsey the Author," "Kelsey the Elder," and "Kelsey the Worthy." The latter three are from season two.
  • Kelsey was confirmed to be a lesbian by show staff in an interview with Insider.[4]


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