Junk Lord is a kid introduced in the fifth episode of Season one, "Too Many Treasures." He plays in The Creek and is the sole inhabitant of The Junkpile. He has a hatred of the 10 Speeds for taking "his" stuff from the Junkpile.


He has pale skin with long brown hair, a long green necklace and a metal crown on his head. He also has a blue slap bracelet on his right wrist. He has no shirt, but he has a dark purple coat on his back. He wears thick, long pants made of garbage bags, and has metal shoes on his feet.


He has a hard time letting things go, which is why he thinks the 10 Speeds are thieves, and that Craig was brave to throw away many of the things he had in his bag. He does not want anyone to get into his "Junk Pile" or take his things. He sees value in the junk that nobody else sees. He is also very skilled, as he looks when he chases Craig and jumps on all the trampolines, or when he dodges Craig's acorns.



  • It was revealed in "Creek Cart Racers" that he is homosexual or bisexual, when he is seen embracing and stroking a pillow with a photo of a man. However, considering his obsession with junk, its unknown if this is true or not.


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