Jojo Williams "Grammy" is the grandmother of Craig, Jessica, Bernard, Bryson and Kimmy, the mother of Duane and Darnell, and the wife of Earl. She first appeared in "Monster in the Garden".


Jojo Williams first appeared in "Monster in the Garden", where she and Earl looked after the kids for the weekend. She sent letters to her constituents, with Jessica helping her. Bernard helped her make chocolate chip cookies, but she told him that in her house, they used chocolate chunks. Jojo later showed the two her photo album of pictures, of when she was younger. Earl over exerted himself and she needed to calm him down. In an attempt to catch the so-called monster, eating from Earl's garden, Craig got himself covered in glued paper. Jojo told him that if he wanted to successfully catch the "monster", he needed to be patient. The next night, Craig tried this tactic and managed to find the deer, who was coming through a hole in the fence. The day after, Jojo talked to the neighbor woman, whose fence had that hole in it. She said that she was going to make a call to the city bureau of fence services and have that hole fixed.


  • When she was younger, she was an equal rights protester, who fought for the rights of either women and/or African-Americans. This must have taken place during the 1950's or 1960's, implying that she is currently in her 60's or 70's, assuming Craig of the Creek takes place in the 2010's.



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