Jessica is a character in the Cartoon Network show, Craig of the Creek and is the younger sister of Craig and Bernard and the third and youngest child of Duane and Nicole Williams and the granddaughter of Earl and Jojo Williams. Her first brief appearance was in the pilot.

Physical appearance

Jessica is a short young girl with dark skin, large eyes, and ears that take up a third of her head. She has dark brown hair held up in a large puffy bun on the back of her head. Like her brother Craig, her head is slightly disproportionate to her body.

She wears a purple and white striped t-shirt and dark blue shorts, as well as a pair of small yellow "dolly shoes." She also has a mint-blue coat with six golden buttons.

In "Itch to Explore", she is seen wearing a white and blue small striped shirt with a red white dotted skirt over a pair of dark purple shorts and yellow shoes.


Jessica is a very smart and routine-following girl. In "Jessica Goes To the Creek" it's shown Jessica has her own house key and very much has a routine when she gets home, including watching the "Charles Abraham Discussion Hour" which likely talks about very adult subjects, like the economy. Jessica has also been seen turning on the TV to the news and learning about the stock market, along with her saying "Time is money, Craig!" Jessica has a mantra to make sure she puts her shoes and coat in the right area.

But despite being so routine-following, she is able to make compromises to her schedule, as shown in "Jessica Goes To the Creek" where she begrudgingly agrees to go with her brother to the Creek and has to continuously keep modifications to her daily activities.


  • In "Alone Quest", it was revealed that her birthday was May 3rd.

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