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"Jessica Shorts" is the 35th episode of the second season of Craig of the Creek and the 75th episode overall.


The original press release contained the following summary. It was shortened when listed in TV guides.

Spend some time with Craig's little sister, Jessica, with a series of 5 short stories. Follow along as she trains to be the best video game fighter in "Power Punchers," deals with a loose tooth in "Incisor Trading," puts on her own TV show in "The Jessica & Small Uncle Show," saves Kelsey's sword in "Jessica in Operation" and takes family game night too far in "Jessica in Payup!"

The summary was listed in TV guides as the following:

Spend some time with Craig’s little sister, Jessica, as she trains to be the best video game fighter, deals with a loose tooth, puts on her own TV show, saves a sword and takes family game night too far.


The Jessica and Small Uncle Show

Jessica and her toy, small uncle are watching her favorite show and sing the goodbye song. But Craig runs into the living room and he was going to watch Slide the Ferret. But Jessica has an Idea to form her own talk show. So She and her toy started the show and tells him every question. Until Craig angrily is disappointed that his sister made him stop watching slide the ferret. Then Jessica throws the checker board at him and she waves goodbye.

Operation: Jessica


Power Punchers


Incisor Trading



The family are playing a game of Payup! and everyone has to Payup! but after Jessica has to use her Payup! dollars every space she doesn't want to Payup! On here next turn she doesn't want to use anymore of her money that's left and leaves.

The next day, Craig wakes up to use the bathroom only to get scared by Jessica then tells him he has to Payup! cause it's hers. Bernard is talking to a friend on the phone as he goes to sit he gets hurt sitting on a Payup! house, Jessica pops up behind the couch shouting "Payup!". Nicole goes into the fridge only to find a Payup! piece on everything including the unopened orange juice, jessica tells her to Payup! The family gathers in Jessica's room to tell each other they are getting tired of Jessica's "Payup!'s". Duane enters to tell everyone that he has to give Jessica a lot after lying in bed.

They decide to play Jessica's game "Twirl a squirrel" Everyone puts an acorn in the squirrel, upon Bernard's turn he puts one in and the squrrel barfs the acorns and Craig laughs.






  • This is the fourth episode where Jessica visits the creek.
  • Jessica doesn't know how to spell "small uncle" instead of "smal uncl".
  • The title card uses the same font as Three's a Crowd.
  • Slide the Ferret returns from "Kelsey the Worthy" in The Jessica & Small Uncle Show as a cartoon Craig wants to watch.
  • Puppercut, the dog Jessica chooses as her fighter has a super move that resembles Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu from the Street Fighter series.
  • Payup! is a parody of the property-trading board game Monopoly.
  • The Power Punchers' title screen is seen for the first time, revealing the game to be developed by CapNK, a portmanteau of the real companies Capcom and SNK.
  • Guacola is a drink originally from Steven Universe.
    • Matt Burnett has previously stated that Steven Universe is a show in Craig of the Creek, meaning the drink is likely tie-in merchandise with Steven Universe.
  • This episode's premiere was the most watched of the second season, with 520,000 viewers.

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