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Jerry is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek. He was Kelsey's opponent in the episode "Kelsey Quest", where he stole the Elders' replica sword.

Physical appearance

Jerry is about the same height as Kelsey and is somewhat chubby. He has pale skin, black hair (shaved at the sides) and wears large glasses. He wears a lilac shirt with a dark purple stripe in the middle and white edges, along with purple sports pants, white socks and purple shoes.


Jerry looks like an innocent and cheerful child at first, but he turns out to be very strong and aggressive in battle. He is keen on revenge, stealing the Elders' replica sword because Mark did not cover the full price of the movie ticket Jerry purchased for Mark. He was relatively indifferent when Kelsey defeated him, possibly because the sword was destroyed. He is also sneaky, as he was able to steal the cake used as part of the fake birthday party to lead him to battle despite it being on a large cart.

Episode appearances


  • Jerry has appeared in Ben Levin and Matt Burnett's previous works, including I'm In Ur Manger Killing Ur Savior, Ronin Dojo Community College DX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga, and H.P. Papercraft.



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